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The Tech Support Olympiad was designed for student administrators and techies to showcase their technical skills at EAST Conference. This competition has evolved over the years into a three-part competition that includes a series of pre-qualifying rounds and culminates in a final onsite competition at Conference. So, if you're a techie and you like to compete, this is the perfect competition for you!

Round 1:

Contestants will provide the appropriate solution to the Golden Help Ticket. Qualified contestants will advance in the competition and be invited to participate in Round 2. Deadline to submit solutions to the Golden Help Ticket is 3:00 p.m., CST, November 28, 2016. Please review the eligibility and other requirements below. 

Round 2:

Contestants will provide answers to three (3) additional challenges and earn points based on their responses. All three challenges will be posted one after the other and contestants will have about two (2) weeks to provide a response to each. Contestants who do not provide a response will receive a score of zero (0) for that particular challenge. Leaderboards will be posted after each round, and a cumulative score will be used to determine the final six (6) contestants who will be invited to participate in the final round at Conference.

Round 3:

The final onsite round will take place on Thursday, March 16th. Contestants who arrive late to this competition will automatically be disqualified. More details for the final onsite competition will be announced at a later date. 


  • Eligibility: Multiple students from each school may answer the initial Golden Help Ticket (Round 1) and can advance to participate in Round 2; however, only one student per school will be eligible to advance to Round 3 for the final onsite competition. In the event that multiple students from a school have the same final score in Round 2, the first student from the school to submit the final correct response will be selected.
  • Students may submit up to two (2) responses to the Golden Help Ticket. If more than one submission is made, the second submission will be the only submission reviewed.
  • Students invited to the final onsite competition DO NOT have to be a member of the Conference Team, they just need to be able to make it to the competition on the last day of Conference. This DOES NOT mean that you can add another member to your school's Conference team.
  • Students may not be a member of the Technical Support Team at the 2017 EAST Conference.
  • The six (6) students who have accumulated the highest number of points during the pre-qualifying rounds will be invited to participate in the 6th Annual EAST Tech Support Olympiad. The next six (6) students with correct answers will be alternates.

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